Vermont Residence

Vermont I Australia

Status : Completed 2005

Home to a young family of two parents and two active young boys, Vermont Residence is located on a small lot adjacent to the an existing Robin Boyd farm house that was the api-centre of the old orchard on which this new home is found.

Conceived as a series of large containers, or “boxes” that overlap three-dimensionally, the design features a simple, contemporary palette and language. Windows are narrow but tall, allowing a surprising abundance of natural light throughout. The carefully considered planning allows for a sense of interlinked and free-flowing spaces, with a minimum of doors and other obstacles.

Bedrooms are generous, and the bathrooms and kitchen / laundry are also ingeniously designed to minimise the need for doors, whilst maximising visual and acoustic privacy.


The design reflects the Client’s desire to accommodate the principles of Feng Shui throughout, as well as providing a simple, comfortable, contemporary home for their young family.