Findon Road Aged Care

Epping I Victoria

Client : Colac Area Health

Status : Completed 2017

In 2017, N2SH were approached to review the design and documentation for a new 125 bed aged care facility on Findon Road, in Epping.

A detailed process of user-group consultation and desktop analysis was undertaken, with the final outcome being a revised functional brief that best reflected the functional and aspirational requirements of the proposed aged care service provider.


In response to this, the planning was completely revised, with communal lounge and dining areas given greater access to natural light and view, as well as being reduced in size and distributed more broadly throughout the facility. This strategy reflected the operator’s belief that their residents tended to migrate towards smaller, more intimate “people spaces”. Shared bedrooms were deleted, and a new layout was prepared with 105 single, ensuited rooms of more than 20m2 each. Each of these rooms is provided with floor-to-ceiling glazing, maximising natural light and views, and premium rooms feature small balconies on the upper levels.


A communal “club” area is provided on the roof, including activity spaces and a small cafe area, and the ground floor features extensive landscape and wandering opportunities.