Rositano House

Richmond I Victoria

Client : MecwaCare

Status : Completed 2017ahe

Image :  FDC Construction and Fitout

In 2016, N2SH were engaged to undertake design, documentation and feasibility study services for the proposed redevelopment of Rositano House, an existing residential aged care facility featuring accommodation offering care for 30 residents exhibiting various levels of dementia, mental illness and substance dependence.The aged and somewhat dilapidated accommodation and facilities at Rositano House were required to be redeveloped to provide up-to-date standards of accommodation and amenity.

In addition to this, improved and expanded recreation, dining, and “quiet” spaces have been provided throughout the facility. A protected outdoor area is also provided, which can be used in any weather. The project was carried out over 9 stages and features a total refurbishment and fitout to 3 levels over a six month time-frame by Contractor FDC, in conjunction with SJM Developments.