Thompson House Project

Castlemaine I Victoria

Client : Castlemaine Health

Status : Ongoing


Thompson House, an aged care facility within Castlemaine Hospital, was assessed and speculatively iterated by N2SH to improve existing functionality and further introduce new elements to the building program. 


At the beginning of the Master Planning process, the proposed interventions were largely focused at the East and West ends of the building. These were intended to provide increased and improve patient activity areas – through which the surrounding courtyard spaces could be greater utilized for resident activity, rest and rehabilitation. These would be accessed through a number of new interface areas and access points. 

As the Master Planning process continued and evolved, the Project Team undertook an evaluation of the opportunities to provide improved spaces and amenity throughout the facility, making the entire facility “dementia ready”.


The relationships between spaces, the relocation and reconfiguring of bedrooms and other spaces, the creation of a new sub-wing including rooms and activity areas, as well as the creation of various different opportunities for observed and/or regulated “wandering” both within and external to the facility were discussed and tested, with a final agreed layout endorsed for issuing to the Hospital Board for approval and (internal) funding.