Colac Hospital Masterplan

Colac I Victoria

Client : Colac Area Health

Status : Completed 2015


Working extensively with the Client Executive and Users, the masterplan proposal for Colac Hospital sought to demonstrate how a facility-wide spatial and functional shift could be implemented over a 10-plus year redevelopment.

Like many regional hospital campuses, Colac Hospital has grown somewhat “organically” in response to the changing needs, demands and expectations of the local community. Over time, this has resulted in a fragmented and disconnected collection of hospital, allied and community health facilities and services.

The master plan also incorporated the proposed redevelopment of the existing 75 bed Corangamarah aged care facility to provide improved amenity and circulation, additional lounge and activity spaces, as well as making the entire facility “dementia ready”.

The main aim, and greatest challenge of this masterplan study, was to critically examine existing functional relationships and pathways (both logistical and physical) and explore ways in which these could be made more effective, efficient, adaptable and hence sustainable in the future, with the view to improving the experience for patients, staff and visitors alike. 

By developing a more condensed and connective scheme, the masterplan seeks to provide an environment in which staff and teams work in close proximity to patients, and thus further encourage the delivery of patient-focused clinical outcomes. In addition to this, the masterplan design seeks to integrate latent adaptability and flexibility in order to produce a “future-ready” facility.