Maldon Hospital Masterplan

Maldon I Victoria

Client : Castlemaine Health

Status : Completed 2018

The master planning process for Maldon Hospital involved several internal interventions, extension proposals and suggested areas of expansion. The hospitals’ increasing aged care population within recent years prompted the client to engage with N2SH to develop an integrated facility with increased support services and activated outdoor areas. In an industry consistently faced with changes in patient demographics, technological capacities, government policies and financial imperatives, the further implementation of flexible design outcomes was key to the masterplan proposal. 

The existing site and its surrounding landscape provided a tranquil aesthetic for the new scheme to build upon. The proposed masterplan harnesses these existing site conditions and notable facility character to develop a holistic and caring healthcare environment. By preserving the close integration of staff and patients, the proposed design promises to reinforce productive and supportive working relationships.  

The masterplan features a new wing which connects two currently diverging branches of the hospital. The proposed addition houses a series of bedrooms and communal areas situated alongside a new courtyard area. The increased sense of community and connectivity that the extension would provide aims to ease patient and staff congestion and provide new spaces for patients to experience, circulate through and actively engage within. With ensuites allocated to every bedroom and a complete range of support, the extension proposal has the capacity to function as an independent facility if necessary in the future.